You’ll always be my favorite “what if”.

I saw this quote today and thought, yeah that’s cute but it’s also pretty stupid. 

Why should you just be someone’s favorite “what if”? Why can’t you actually be a part of their life and not have to live wondering what it would be like if you actually took that chance? What ifs are stupid.  Stupid.  What if I would have went to college? What if I wouldn’t have been such a chicken? What if I would have taken that chance? How different would your life be? yeah,wrap your mind around that, stupid I know.  Sounds a lot like regret to me.  Why not take a chance, sure it may not turn out the way you envisioned in your head, but at least you’re not sitting there thinking, gosh I wonder what COULD have happened.  Sure, things don’t work out a lot but maybe that’s cause they aren’t suppose to. Yet, again you’ll never know unless you try.  So if you’re contemplating should I do it?  JUST DO IT, you never know what could happen when you try.


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