Why the typical work day doesn’t WORK.

This last summer I had the opportunity to have a great internship in the Public Relations department at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  The experience taught me many things, one of which is why the 8-5 work day just doesn’t work anymore.

Put yourself in this scenario, so you have to get up early to go to work, lets say 6 a.m. if you have to commute an hour like I had to.  You make it to work by 7:45 and your morning is hardly bearable with a cup of coffee.  You sit at your desk go through your emails and figure out what you have to do today. You organize, get to work, attend your meetings, and have all of your work complete before lunch.  You take an early lunch and wonder what the heck you are going to do until 5 p.m.  So all afternoon you jack around, organize your pens and pencils, scroll through your calendar, creep on Facebook, and look up funny pictures on the internet.  (Yes, they know that you do this).  Your day just drags on. 1:30, 1:32, 2:45, 3:20, 4:16, 4:16, 4:17 time doesn’t go by too fast when you’re checking the clock every few seconds.  All you can think about is all the things that you could be doing.  Cleaning, working out, hanging with friends and family, the possibilities are endless.  Honestly, you’d probably want to be any where but at work right now.  You’re unhappy, often unbusy people are but so are those that are extremely busy and stressed out to the MAX. Finally, 5p.m. comes. You commute home, eat supper, and then you are too tired to do anything else so you go to bed by about 9 p.m. (some social life you have). Then the next day you get to do the entire thing all over again. Joy.

See that is the problem with the work world. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit but I’m sure almost all of the people in the working world have experienced a day like this.

So why don’t we live in a work world based on the amount of work you do, not the number of hours you put in.  Why don’t we reward people for hard work and good time management instead of making them sit at their desks bored as hell when there are many other things that they could be doing.  The solution to this problem is salaried workers.  Some days would only be half days whereas other day may require work until midnight depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Okay, some people can work really hard, focus, and get stuff done, others can’t.  But why punish those who can do it successfully but also we don’t want those people who just rush through their work, do a half-ass job, just so that they can go home early. This system would take a lot of adjustment and fine tuning. But it makes logical sense, why keep employees at work when there is nothing to be done? Instead encourage them to exercise and develop their passions. So you want to come in at 10am, sure go ahead, but you still have to stay until your work is completed for that day.  Flexibility is the key to the modern working world.

Work shouldn’t be something that you dread going to each day, it should be something that you’re excited about, something that brings out the best in you.


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