Growing Pains


That is exactly what I plan to do.  It fascinates me how much we hold onto things that do not make us happy.  Things that have no purpose in our lives but to bring us down.  I know that my life is full of them.  While I was being told a story today I realized that what they were worrying about didn’t even really matter, it was in the past.  It no longer served them, didn’t make them happy and in no way needed to be a concern for the future.  Then I realized all to many times I fall into this trap.  There are so many people who I need to walk away from some being merely rude strangers. But is it really that easy? Can one just walk away?  Sure you can, but it probably won’t be easy.  It takes time, it takes some courage, and it takes some self-control but have no fear my friends it can be done.  Trust me, one day you will look back and be like “man I really did that” or “man I really wasted my time with whats his name”.  Yep, happens all the time.  I believe though that it’s better late than never.  Make that change and start looking into the reasons behind why you find yourself unhappy because I bet that somewhere there is something that you can walk away from.  Sometimes we out grow things, and that’s okay.  Growing is natural, growth is good.  Some things just aren’t meant and don’t deserve to be a part of our future.


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