Only boring people get bored.


It’s true if you really think about it.  There is no reason on this earth why someone should say “I’m bored”.  There are endless possibilities out there for people to do.  You can read a book, exercise, take a trip, surf the internet, learn something new, listen to music, hang out with friends, the list could go on forever.  There are very few moments in my life where I actually think to myself, man I’m bored.  OK, occasionally sometimes during the middle of my 4 hour night class on market research the idea crosses my mind but then I remember, hey, I have to be here so I might as well pay attention.  I  am a chronically busy person.  I always have something to do or something that can be done.  I pencil every single second of my schedule full of something.  A day will come where I have nothing in particular planned and by the time the morning arrives, I will wake up with tons of ideas in my head of what this day could become.  It’s really nice, ya know, never being bored. If you find your life boring I think that may be a sign that it is time for a change.  It’s never to late to learn and grow so I suggest you take on something new, why not? I’m sure there is something out there that you have been dying to try forever.  Well do it.  Don’t be satisfied with a mediocre life, you only have one to live so make sure it is worth it.  If you spend the majority of your life thinking to yourself that you’re bored I suggest you think outside of the box a bit.  Don’t be afraid to change yourself because it might just change your life.


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