Home Alone.

It’s official.  I’ve lived by myself, in my own apartment, for over a month now and I thoroughly enjoy it, most of the time.  Yeah, it gets lonely but it’s nice to have some space.  I’m finally getting settled in and adding some personal touches.  After over a month of constant struggle, the maintenance men at my apartment have finally fixed my dryer (still waiting on that refund Richdale). It’s nice but I think I could use a roomate or at least someone who wants to pay half my rent.  The world really does punish those of us who are single.  We pay more taxes, more rent, and more of it seems like everything else, when we are the ones who should be getting the breaks since we are independent, hard-working individuals (most of the time).

My apartment is in a prime location. 15 minutes from my work. 5 minutes from Target.  Hy-Vee across the street.  restaurants everywhere.  Limited number of cute men, unfortunately.  Yep, still waiting on my prince charming and I have a feeling he isn’t from Iowa.

But… I make the best of it. I’m embracing these moments of single life. FREEDOM. Seriously, what more could a girl want?


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