Mindfully Alone

I live alone. And sometimes that’s scary. Like tonight, when a severe storm goes through. No “thunder buddy” here. I don’t even know where to go for a tornado? Does my apartment even have a basement? I feel like they should have went over this stuff when I moved in. Another disturbing thought, if for some reason I die, no one will find out for days. Sure, my work might try contacting me. Eventually my mom will get concerned after days with no returned calls. But no one will go to the extremes until weeks after my death. If something happens I’m all alone. These are probably the same things that run through old people’s minds when they live alone and why most people don’t let old folks live by themselves. What morbid thoughts to have before bed. My mind has been clouded lately with negativity. How does one ease the mind out of a dreadful state? Surely, some tea will do the trick.


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