Rambling Mind, Weary Soul.


“Not all of us are looking for a way out.  We’re not looking for someone to save us. We have the ability to save ourselves but we see the world through tinted glasses. We get by day by day.  We take each day at a time while worrying about the future and dragging the past right along with us. All the while time proceeds on, faster than ever, robbing us of our precious moments and of our life.”

Maybe we’ve all experienced this. Maybe it’s just me? Sometimes I wonder when my life will pick up in excitement? Or maybe my life is already exciting compared to the average person and I’m so used to it that I don’t even notice it. Whatever it is, they don’t tell you in school that the real world isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  How many people really find their dream job? How many people can say that they love going to work each day? Maybe I just haven’t found that spark yet.

Many aspects of my life are missing spark.  My apartment, my wardrobe, my love life, and my job.  Maybe I’m a sparkless person, but I highly doubt it.  Patience, Alyssa.  I just need to let things fall into place.  And when they all come together. BANG. spark. or more like EXPLOSION. All the while I feel like I should be doing more to improve upon my life but there is only so much a girl can do on a limited budget.

So here I’ll sit, listening to my rambling mind, sifting through the nonsense and taking time to make sense of the pieces, while hoping that it will ease my weary soul.


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