Life without Simpson College.


The summer is coming to a close.  Students are moving back to Simpson in a couple of weeks but I won’t be.  Depressing thought.  I think then it will finally hit me that I’ve graduated, I work a full-time job, and I won’t be going back to school in the fall.  I’m going to miss college.  A LOT.  I mean who wouldn’t miss friends, football games, binge drinking, homework, sleeping in, and loads  of free time? Well at least there is Homecoming right? A chance to reunited with my classmates and day drink (day drinking is my favorite). College was all I’d hoped it to be.  It was fun, I learned more than I imagined, and it gave be the opportunity to get out there and be involved.  Sure, I’d wish that I’d done more, like try out for volleyball my sophomore year (something I greatly miss playing) and finished my second major in psychology (which I still will).  College was great but this “real world” isn’t really up to par. I’m going to miss my professors, the ones who actually cared about your future and took the time to get to know you, and I’m going to miss my friends, but most of all I’m going to miss the fact that we won’t be able to create any more memories as students at Simpson College.  Hopefully the freshman class will take advantage of all that Simpson has to offer and will carry on the legacy that the class of 2013 left behind. Here’s to you, class of 2017.


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