Lessons learned from The Kite Runner

I’ll have to say I was a little hesitant when I went to grab this book off of my shelf. I didn’t know what to expect but I was sure it was going to be nothing like the romance novels I had recently found myself reading.  A book about a young boy from Afghanistan? Boring.  But I was completely wrong.  This book was great.  It was and exciting page turner that kept me wanting to know more.  The Kite Runner made me experience emotions I haven’t felt in a while.  I felt ashamed and sorrowful and it made me look back on my own life contemplating if I have committed similar sins as Amir (the main character).  All in all, I’d recommend this book to anyone.  It teaches good life lessons and paints a portrait of what life was like in Afghanistan before and after 9/11.

Lessons Learned from The Kite Runner

Every sin is theft.  Murder is stealing someone’s life.  Lying is taking away someone’s ability to know the truth, etc.

Stand up for yourself & those you care about.  Amir finds himself in many situations where he won’t stand up for himself or his best friend Hassan all of these situations turn out badly and lead to regret on Amirs part.

It’s never wrong to do the right thing. When Hassan was raped in the alleyway, Amir was a coward and couldn’t step in to help his friend.  Afterwards, he was ashamed of what happened and from there on their relationship spiraled out of control.

There are many children, but few childhoods in Afghanistan.  Over there, they don’t have the same lifestyles and luxuries.  In warfare, those children live each day like it could be their last and most don’t have the same joys as children in America.

It’s never too late to make things right. Amir proves this point by finally laying to rest his demons at the end of the book when he visits Afghanistan, learns about his family, and rescues Hassan’s son.


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