Roots & Wings


Everyday I struggle with this idea.  The idea that freedom and stability can’t go together.  I’m indefinitely torn. One side wants to find someone to share my life with.  The other side wants to stay free and single forever.  But I can’t have both. My freedom is just not something I’m ready to give up yet.  No matter how much my heart yearns for something more my mind readily banishes the idea and reminds my heart how much I love my wings.  I can’t imagine not being able to travel, not being able to spend my money how I want, not being able to pursue my dreams all because I have roots holding me down.  Quite frankly, I’m afraid to find someone, because I know if I do I’ll have to give up my wings. A part of me wants to settle, live a simple life, and have a family but the other part wants the opposite, an extravagant, crazy, successful life. Why is it that we have to choose. No matter what the outcome, are we ever really satisfied with our choice? Or could it be possible to find someone who allows you to have roots and wings at the same time?


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