On being judgemental…

Today I was told that I am “so judgemental” and that’s the reason why I am single.  I don’t consider myself judgemental, I’d say I’m just brutally honest and extremely picky when it comes to guys.  The way I see it, marriage isn’t something you take lightly so if it takes me 50 years to find that right guy for me, I’m gonna wait, I’m gonna be picky, and if you don’t meet my standards then I’m not going to waste my time with you.  This would be what I call self respect, not being judgemental.  I have better uses of my time than spending it with a guy that I know isn’t right for me. So if you see me at the bar and you try and hit on me, and I’m extremely rude, I’m doing you a favor.  I’m not going to lead you on, make you fall for me, then break your heart; I’m going to tell you right then and there that you’re not the guy for me. Why is it that so many people waste their time with people who aren’t right for us? Maybe we’re scared to be alone.  Maybe we don’t think we will find anyone else.  Maybe our family and friends keep us together.  Maybe we really don’t know what we want.  Do me a favor,  if you don’t feel right with someone, let them go.  Do it for yourself.  There aren’t enough days in our life to spend them not being happy. And when it comes to meeting someone, be picky.  Don’t settle.  Be rude.  Never give up until you find that one person that is worth giving up for.


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