Never Settle

I have the inability to settle; with almost all aspects of my life.  I get excited to move somewhere and be in a new place… three months later I’m ready to go somewhere else.  I start a new job have fun for a few weeks… then I’m ready for something bigger and better.  Same with guys.. you’ll mean everything to me for about a year… then I’ll get tired of you… move on.. and hope for someone even more perfect to come along.  I just feel like I’m missing out on aspects of my life I shouldn’t be.  I’m young I want to travel, move around the country, meet beautiful strangers, have impressive jobs, earn a living, and build a life that’s worth talking about. I don’t want to get stuck in the common Midwest rut… stay in the town you grew up in… settle down with a local loser who will indefinitely hold you back…have a family…go to a job everyday that you hate.  I yearn for something much bigger than that.  But I’m scared.  Scared of failing, scared of having to move back, scared of not knowing anyone, scared of missing my family and friends too much.  In the end though, we shouldn’t let what scares us inhibit us… Why is it that I always want more?  Why is it that I can’t be satisfied with a simple life? I guess some of us just aren’t wired that way.


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