Life Lately.

Life has been pretty uneventful lately.  I turned 23. I thought I had a bug infested apartment for a couple days.  I have watched way too many episodes of “The Office” lately.  And I’m still looking for a way out.  My life cycle: wake, work, watch the office, sleep.  Hey, it’s a relaxing life.

I recently finished a couple of books. One being Nice is just a place in France. Great book for young adults on how to be a bitch and get everything you want… especially if you have rich parents… and no student loan debt. Also, I finished The Fault in our Stars.  Very good book, young love and the battle with cancer.  Cried my way through the last few chapters but I’d recommend it to anyone.

Also, watched a good movie…World War Z nearly gave me a heart attack, way too much suspense and action to watch by yourself in the dark, but great movie.

I was convinced earlier this week that I had bugs.  My skin is constantly itchy at home and I felt like things were crawling all over me.  Vacuumed my entire apartment including the furniture, did extensive research on bed bugs, and came to the conclusion that it is all in my head. Mystery solved.

Also, I realized I have been sending mail to my brother at the wrong address for years.  We didn’t catch this until I wondered why it took so long to get my anniversary card, then realized it’s being sent to the house three doors down.

I nearly died on my way to work today, very over exaggerated, but the torrential downpours and my shitty wiper speeds made for a “Jesus take the wheel” commute. I’m hoping these storms decide not to make a reappearance tonight when I make my way back to MN.

I’m heading home for a relaxing weekend with my family.  Pumpkins, apple orchards, and typical fall festivities.  Plus a new baby was born last night.  I ordered a dozen cupcakes from Scratch Cupcakery to surprise my family with. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

All in all, life is life.  It keeps on moving us forward into the future whether we are ready for it or not. I spend my days wishing it was the weekend.  And spend my weekends wishing I had more time.  One day I’ll learn to be happy with what I have, but there are many other things I need to find before something like that happens. I aim to make myself happy, and recently that means coming home from work and watching “The Office” until I fall asleep.


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