What “NOT” do to on Tinder or any other dating site.

I’ve become quite uninterested in Tinder lately.  Most of the men are below my expectations and the ones I do have “connections” with are too chicken to talk to me.  And me being a girl… I refuse to make the first move. Doesn’t anyone believe in old fashioned romance anymore?

“Do Not Do” list for men.

1. Selfies – especially if I can see that you are holding your smart phone and taking a mirror pic.  I don’t even do that which most likely means you’re a self-absorbed douche.

2. Don’t have other guys who are hotter than you in your pictures.  Pretty self-explanatory… if you have a picture of yourself and your “bros” they better not be hotter than you.  Otherwise I’m gonna look at them and instantly be disappointed when I realize that is not you.

3.  Don’t have a picture of your girlfriend or a girl who looks like she means a lot to you in your profile picture. This gives us the idea that you are a cheater.

4. Also, if there is a girl in your picture and she is way hotter than you, then no one will notice you.  Probably better to be photographed alone.

5. Don’t have a picture with your shirt off if you do not have abs… pretty self-explanatory.

6. If all of your pictures include you with sunglasses, not smiling, or where I cannot see your face, it makes me think you’ve got something to hide, like an ugly face.

7. Don’t lie about your age.  I once saw a profile where his age said 21 but then in the bio he wrote “I’m really 18”.  Really.. you’re that desperate at 18?

8. If you have a picture of a small child in your photos… I’m going to assume that it is your child, which makes you a father, which means I no longer like you… unless your like really good looking.

9. Don’t flex or be a meat head… Not attractive.. Not cool.



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