The Psychopath in all of Us.

Opening #Book #Quote on Love from Gone Girl

I recently completed the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I must say.. it was brilliant.  SPOILER ALERT: I was positive that Nick killed her all along until of course we got a view into her mind.  Amy is brilliant.. it was all I could think.  Wow, who can pull off their own disappearance and frame their husband for it? Someone.. who never stops thinking.  I always thought Nick was the crazy one.  He didn’t care enough… he acted strangely… and he pictured his wife dead frequently.  He was a cheat, a liar, and a dead beat… he had everything going against him. The fact that Amy was able to pull off her disappearance was one thing but pulling off her reappearance made her a genius. This book made me question my own sanity when I realized all the things I have in common with Amy.  Too many times have I  formulated a strategy to cover up my tracks to play out a lie. I always won.  I have a keen ability to see all the possibilities, all the questions people may ask, all the solutions. Was I a psychopath?  Am I still one now? Of course not. I’m just smart.  Like Amy, my mind never rests, I always want to win, but never to the point where I would endanger someone. The entire book I wanted Amy to win, I never wanted her to die, even after she killed Desi, I was still routing for her to make Nick ashamed of his actions.  They were both crazy. A crazy version of soul mates.  Two people who couldn’t live with one another and couldn’t live without one another.  Everyone has a small bit of psychopath in them. We’re all a little crazy.. aren’t we? We all want to win, some people are just smarter and can pull it off without getting caught…just like Amy.



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