The Struggle

Be thankful for what people have given you… but be even more thankful in what they have not.

As much as it is nice to have someone pay for everything for you… your missing out on the lesson.  Can you really know what it is like to be financially responsible when you  don’t have bills to pay, student loans,  and no responsibility? Sure, your thinking.. gosh that would be so great to have someone pay for all my bills… but your missing the point.  Sometimes we have to struggle in life, so later on we can realize just how good we have it.  We have to struggle to get jobs, keep jobs, pay bills, feed mouths, but we get by.  Slowly, we learn lessons, we learn to live, we gain experience, we save our money, and we become responsible.

Life isn’t all wonderful.. not all the time. You have to learn on your own how cruel the world is, how much it costs to live, health insurance, car insurance,  how you get taxed on everything, and how you can manage on your own.  Frankly, I don’t need my parents to buy me things, pay for my rent, my student loans, my lifestyle. Frankly, I’m broke… but I’m okay with that.. it means I’m learning and one day when I have a lot of money.. I’ll be appreciative. Sure, my parents help me when I need it, but they don’t make me helpless. You can’t be handed things and still learn the real value, the real accomplishment that comes from earning your own money and supporting yourself.

You can’t be handed everything you want in life, like a child. Eventually you have to grow up, otherwise what are you going to do when your parents aren’t around anymore.  I can rest easy knowing that my parents gave me everything they could, but not everything I wanted.


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