On getting married…

I’ve always been the type of person who will say “I’m never getting married”.

I’ve been in too many of those relationships where things get rushed and people expect that this is the person you are going to end up with and then years down the road I realize their not the one, break their heart, pick up whatever is left of my life and move on.

As I get older I start having these “genetic” urges to settle down and procreate. It’s a constant struggle.. my heart wants a husband.. my mind wants freedom… my heart wants cute babies… my mind wants to travel the world…my heart wants stability… my mind wants spontaneity. It’s a constant struggle to be satisfied.

I have this idea… If you don’t meet who your meant to end up with in 1). High school or 2). College your chances of finding someone after that has greatly diminished. The largest pool of resources (men/women) is available to you during that point in your life after that you resort to co-workers, bar hookups, and online dating… woof.

But really, what are the chances of finding someone in that small pool? Say there are 30,000 people between high school and college, a little less than half are males, a little more than half are females. That’s only roughly 13,000 men out of let’s say 1 billion men in the world after eliminating those that are homosexual or not my type. I’d say the chances of meeting your “soulmate” during that time is pretty slim.

The real question is… how often do you get out of your comfort zone to meet someone new? Do you travel often and interact with strangers? Do you try new things and immerse yourself in different experiences? If you answered no to any of these questions then your “spouse pool” is most likely limited to those you meet in high school or college.

Don’t limit yourself, don’t lose hope, and don’t give up.  Wait. Simply wait. Try your hardest. If you like someone.. tell them. Give them a chance.  Sure it may not end well, months of your life gone, but love is a learning experience.. one I intend on learning for the rest of my life.



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