Life Lately (vol. 2)


As coffee pulses through my veins, I’m thinking I need to stop going out on the week nights. I’ve developed a bad habit. I’ll go out and drink, stay up til 3 a.m. then drag my ass out of bed at 6 a.m. for work. The going out is fun… It’s the work the next day that is the challenge. I met Ryan Gosling at the bar one weekend though. hey girl…

Besides being tired.. after finishing the Hunger Games series.. I also became depressed. I have a problem with fictional characters.  I become so involved in their lives, I feel their emotions, their struggles, and by the end of the third book I fell into a state of depression… just like Katniss.  I feel crazy, I know I am crazy.  Thankfully, it only took a few hours to shake the feeling.

I had an eye appointment. According to my doctor, I was pretty blind with 20/40 vision with my contacts in.  My eyes had gotten five times worst. It now makes sense why I kept thinking guys were good looking at the bar when they really weren’t. Just kidding.  But man, how different the world looks when you can see it clearly. Needless to say I got new contacts and I’m thinking about getting new lenses as well.

I went for a bike ride. It was the first time I’d exercised in probably a month or so.  It felt good to get out even though it was a little brisk.  I always exercise when I need to clear my mind.  Sometimes it only takes a mile, sometimes 3… today it took 10. While on this ride, I ran into a small gang of kids with plastic guns.  I couldn’t help but think if they would become the next crazy people to bring guns into schools and shoot innocent people.  I sure hope not

I need to get back to working out and tracking my macros. For those of you who don’t know what macros are, their macro nutrients: fats, carbs, and protein. By using your body weight you can calculate how much of each of the macros you’re supposed to eat a day.  For me, I’m allowed 30g fat, 130g carbs, and 130g protein.   I’m not a big meat eater so it’s difficult for me to intake that much protein without supplements. Eventually, by counting your macros you slowly lose weight, up to 2 pounds a week is considered healthy, and it repairs metabolic damage.  Therefore, when you reach you target weight, you can slowly increase your macros each week and not gain back any weight.  Eventually people can eat up to 3000 calories a day and be tiny as ever. I’ve also become obsessed with hot lemon water in the mornings. It gives me just as much energy as coffee and tastes refreshing!

On the positive side, I talked with a completed stranger at the bar Thursday.  I can’t remember his name, but names were never my strong point. We were talking about playing sports in college since he told me he was playing soccer at GrandView and originally from England (great accent).  He asked if I played.  I said no, not in college.  Then he said “wow, you look great for not being in sports” I contributed it to genetics.  I’ll remember to thank my mom next time I see her. Also, I wore a pair of jeans today that I got six years ago, beside the fact that I was wearing jeans that old it made me happy that I could still fit into them.



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