Life Lately (vol. 4)

Hello folks,

My life is finally settling down a bit.  A lot has happened since my last post, considering that I can’t even remember when I last posted about my life…

I’ve moved out of my first “big girl” apartment and into a condo with a roommate in Johnston, IA. Let me tell you, moving is no easy feat.  I always get excited to move and then excited to be someplace new..the first couple boxes are fun.. then.. what.. I have to carry those boxes down three flights of stairs and try to fit them in my car? Why are there so many boxes? Why do I have so much shit? Blah Blah Blah.  You get the picture. Thankfully, I hired movers to carry my big stuff… since we all know I didn’t work out the entire winter and spring and was incapable of carrying heavy stuff without hurting myself. Luckily, the move went well and I’m all settled in for another year or so, then we will see where life takes me.  Did I mention there are gorgeous men that live right down the hall from me? Swoon.

More exciting news… my brother and sister-in-law are having a baby.  That’s right, I’m going to be an Auntie! And you can rest assured that I will be the best Auntie there is since hope for having my own children some day is looking pretty slim right now.  I’ve already gotten a list of things I’m going to buy this child but still have to wait another week to find out the baby’s gender. How fun!  I’ve taken a week off at Thanksgiving to go visit the little bugger. Did I ever mention that I’m scared of babies? Like I don’t want to hold them, or feed them, and if they cry I will panic.  So I’m kinda hoping my mother takes over baby duty and my brother and I can go hiking or maybe I can get a tan?  Can you take babies to a pool when they are newborn?

You’re not going to believe me when I tell you but I have worked out five times over the last week.  That is insane for me but I really do need to get back into it and I’ve been eating healthy.  It’s gotta be the summertime.. all I want to do is be outside and eat tasty salads with grilled meats. I mean it is bikini season and I’m not quite bikini ready.  Did I mention my new home doesn’t have a pool? Total bummer.  Think I can sneak back into my old apartment’s pool? I might just try it some weekend.

All in all, life has been pretty good. Summer is my favorite season, so I atleast know I’ll be happy for the next three months. I have a three day weekend coming up which makes me even happier and I’m heading back to the great state of Minnesota.

What great plans do you have this summer?



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