My Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelorette

We all have our guilty pleasures right? I think I might have significantly more than the average person but watching “The Bachelorette” falls at the top of my list.  I used to be an avid “Bachelorette” hater.  I thought the show was stupid, fake, and a waste of my time.  Now I know it’s a waste of my time but I watch it anyway for the laughs, the drama, and for the small part of me that hopes someday I’ll find my “dream” husband too.

To make the process a bit more fun, I’ve created a “Bachelorette Bracket” for this season.  Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your picks before the first rose ceremony. You can have night one (since they are eliminating one of the Bachelorettes this season) to get a good feel for the guys.  My roommate and I were up for an extra challenge and completed one of our brackets completely blind. Might I add that some of my picks for the last few guys aren’t looking too good… bad judge of character on my part.

2.  Let the fun begin!!

Here’s a link to the PDF: Bachelorette Bracket


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